Buma Music meets Tech


EboSuite helps music producers and performers to take control over their visual identity. They can produce their own video clips and visual music without having to learn about complex video editing or VJ software. Plus, EboSuite enables musicians to easily play with video live. They can sample, trigger, mix and manipulate video with any live controller, e.g. a keyboard, drumkit etc.

Now more than ever having a unique, personal visual identity is important for musicians to stand out on social media and at live events. With EboSuite musicians can work on their own unique visual style, in their own time, under their own terms and pioneer with new audiovisual composition and video sampling techniques. This way, they give their audience a unique experience and activate them to share that experience.

Our software is designed to fit seamlessly into the creative workflow of musicians using the music production software Ableton Live. EboSuite consists of a collection of video plug-ins that are tightly integrated into Ableton Live’s interface, therefore EboSuite is extremely easy to install and use; you can start video sampling and video mixing within a few clicks. All video processing is done outside of Ableton Live for optimal performance and reliability.