Buma Music meets Tech


NoticeSound’s research technology provide A&R with a robust system for managing their
music, testing it within specific market segments and then measuring the audience
feedback. Created specifically for use within the music and entertainment industries, our
purpose-built infrastructure is the perfect platform to conduct market research and discover
tracks with the highest rates of success before you release it.

Our software is designed to discover hits. While artist marketing and longevity are essential,
the value of a hit cannot be overstated. Using our ‘success rate’ feature, professionals are
able to make better decisions about which singles to push to market. For each track tested,
our system displays an empirically supported % of probable success, within a given testing
group. As this success rate is specifically for a market group the user selects, knowing a track
has a high success rate is valuable market insight that can help justify managerial decisions.

We present an opportunity for you to validate creative decisions with data. The result is an
improvement to your music releases, acquisition decisions and the discovery of trends and
potential hits.

Upload. Discover. Test.
Research, made simple.